About Us

Schofield Dyers & Finishers have a wealth of expertise and experience in commission finishing and dyeing. Based in Galashiels in the beautiful Scottish Border Country, we started life in 1958 by establishing a specialist commission finishing facility to service the thriving tweed business of the local weaving mills. Following this successful beginning, we diversified over the years and now process a wide range of fabrics in addition to wool, including cashmere and mohair. We are also able to offer certified organic finishing and dyeing.

Having developed from our purely traditional origins, we now handle quality fabrics from weavers the length and breadth of the UK and continental Europe. We are always keen to work with our customers to provide the exact finish and fabric their requirements demand. Our experienced and highly skilled workforce have an extensive understanding of the handle and qualities of all the fabrics processed, from cotton to cashmere and from the lightest of lightweights to heavily milled meltons.